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Official dealer of Russian Satellite TV in UK

• Installation of Satellite TV systems

• Home distribution systems, home cinema

• Guarantee and post guarantee service

• Recommended standard TV channels

Russian TV channels over internet

First package:

NTV Mir*, TVCi, Channel5 (Ua), Inter+, Enter-Film, Enter, Rada ...

Second package:

Perviy Kanal Vsemirnaja Set, RTR Planeta, RTV International**, RTVi Nashe kino**, RTVi Detskij Mir**, RTVi Teleklub**, Euronews (rus, eng...), RBC, Music Box Ru, Adjara, Armenia TV, Caspio NET (Khabar) and hundreds of European and Asian channels.

Additional packages:

SKY, Viasat Baltic, Viasat Ukraina

* - Subscribtion NTVmir

** - Subscription Package RTVi


We are not responsible for the content and channel transmissions. Channels in various packages and their price may change without prior notice.